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Indoor Hydroponics Farming Gets Greener with Solar

What is Hydroponics farming?

Hydroponics farming is a type of farming that uses nutrient rich water instead of soil to nourish and grow plants. It can be used in most climates and is already used around the world for growing both vegetables and flowers.

Over the years, the economic feasibility of plant factories had been questionable because of energy costs. Now, owners of one containerized farm can opt for 100% clean energy using Solar Power. The addition of the solar power to the indoor hydroponics farm makes it one of the most energy efficient & eco friendly ways to grow food. Harnessing the suns’s natural light to power your hydroponics can be a very lucrative investment for farmers.

Now let us get into the details of Solar Powered Hydroponics.

To optimize growth and the content of nutrition are very important aspects of the hydroponics system. Also Hydroponic crops could benefit the ecosystem by the reuse of the heat, water and nutrition.

The indoor hydroponic system is proven to be an excellent alternative for farmers who have a narrow field or just a yard for their agricultural business.

It requires a controlled environment for proper growth of plants, less chance of diseases and faster growth. It typically includes automated monitoring and controlling environmental parameters like humidity, temperature, PH, conductivity etc. These parameters are then acquired by the respective sensors.

What is a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System?

Solar PV is a piece of technology that utilizes the energy of the sun and converts that light/energy into electricity which can power a device,  building or property.

By adding this technology to your indoor hydroponics farm you can harness the natural energy of the sun to power all your running technologies needed for the indoor hydroponics farm.

More Benefits of a Solar PV powered Hydroponics Farm

  • Indoor Hydroponics systems allows for crops to be grown in areas that were once problematic for growing crops like areas where soil is infertile,  water quantity is low, or farm land is very expensive.
  • With the rapid improvement of technology you find indoor hydroponics farms with automatic climate control, high efficiency LED lighting, automatic nutrient dosing systems,  recycling irrigation system with water filtration, air flow system, integrated UV and ozone disinfection systems and carbon dioxide generators & controlling systems.
  • Indoor Hydroponics systems combined with a Solar Photovoltaic System allows you to grow your crops in a safe, protected environment in a cost efficient way!

For more information on how you can use Solar PV to power your indoor hydroponics farm contact us at Ecocarib Today!

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