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Why and how to participate in the energy transition in Saint Lucia? – EZ Drive
The West Indies have territories with considerable energy potential. However, they are highly dependent on oil imports and are victims of numerous environmental problems. Solar, wind and geothermal energy are alternatives that can meet the energy needs of our territories. So why should we work towards the energy transformation of our territories? Why solar electric...
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Hybrid Solar Panels
The hybrid solar panel – also called mixed solar collector – is a system that uses both thermal and photovoltaic collectors to operate. How do hybrid solar panels work? Its operation is relatively simple: The hybrid solar panel is made up of high efficiency thermal collectors, on which are based photovoltaic solar cells; These photovoltaic...
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How long does it take to charge an electric car in St. Lucia?
In St. Lucia, electric mobility is appealing to more and more people, and even more so at a time when the price of fuel is rising steadily fuel prices continue to soar. The increasing presence of charging stations and the ease of installing them at home have also tipped the balance. So how long does it take to...
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Administrative procedures for installing solar panels in St. Lucia
What are the administrative procedures for installing solar panels in Saint Lucia? When you plan on going into solar self-consumption, in addition to the installation of the solar panels, you need to complete some essential essential administrative steps. A certain number of authorizations must be obtained for the realization of your project. It is not...
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Installing Solar Panels : Everything you need to know in 2022
Installing Solar Panels : Everything you need to know in 2022 Photovoltaic or thermal, orientation, inclination: there are many decisions to be made once you have decided to install solar panels in your home. In order to give you the best advice in this process, here is a short guide made by Ecocarib Greentechnologie to...
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Unlocking the Caribbean’s Energy Potential
For some time, energy security has been at the top of the agenda for Caribbean leaders. Compared to rich nations such as the United States, the average cost of electricity is four times higher, contributing as one of the daily hardships for Caribbean people along with being a key obstruction to unleashing economic growth and...
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Why Renewable Energy is essential for the Caribbean
Ever since the passage of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (see picture below) and the decimation of its power grid, the return to normalcy as it relates to the sustainability of its energy supply for its citizens has been a challenging task. This vulnerability has put other Caribbean countries on high alert. Across the region,...
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What is Eco-Investing?
Eco Investing or Green Investing is a form of socially responsible investing into companies, products, services or financial instruments which are environmentally friendly. These investment options usually support the transition from carbon dependence to more sustainable and green alternatives.
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