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Why and how to participate in the energy transition in Saint Lucia? – EZ Drive

The West Indies have territories with considerable energy potential. However, they are highly dependent on oil imports and are victims of numerous environmental problems. Solar, wind and geothermal energy are alternatives that can meet the energy needs of our territories.

So why should we work towards the energy transformation of our territories?

Why solar electric mobility in the Caribbean?
What is the energy situation in Saint Lucia in 2021?

Saint Lucia is a relatively small territory but very energy intensive.
One of the reasons for this is the use of transportation. Indeed, most of the inhabitants travel by individual car. This leads to daily traffic jams, even during the supposedly off-peak hours.
And this situation is not about to change since energy consumption is constantly increasing in the West Indies due to the economic development of the territories.

Our territories are very dependent on imported fossil fuels to provide electricity. We depend on dangerous and polluting oil extraction which leads to: depletion of natural oil resources, soil and landscape degradation, rising sea levels, global warming…

Also, it is important to know that putting a resource of first necessity in the hands of only a few actors with interests above all economic involves risks. The interest of oil companies is not in the development of a sustainable energy but rather in the concentration of power and energy wealth. It is therefore a one-sided, win-lose relationship for citizens. This asymmetry of power between the actors makes citizens dependent and therefore at the mercy of increasingly recurrent price increases at the pump.

What is the energy transition?

A sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production:
It is not difficult to identify the ecological nonsense currently at work: importing fossil fuels in our regions yet so sunny and so rich in energy. Here, the interest for our regions is not economic since importing fossil energies is much more expensive than producing solar energy locally.

Photovoltaic, Photovoltaic system, Solar system

NB: Solar energy has become the cheapest energy to produce in history.

A reversal of the balance of power:

What we want at Ezdrive is to generate a fairer distribution of the energy production capacity. That is to say that consumers become prosumers, so that there is no longer a single producer of electricity but a group of citizens participating in the common network. Each citizen has a real energy capacity and can benefit from it while participating in the common interest.

Each individual becomes an actor of his own energy production and can play a virtuous role in that of others. And the West Indies are the perfect place to experiment with this. Our strength: the wealth of our renewable energies. For example, our territories are among the sunniest regions on Earth with 205 to 240 hours of sunshine per month.

An obligatory passage through the automobile transition:

The scourge of cars in the West Indies: more than 75% of households in the West Indies have a thermal vehicle according to INSEE. And this situation plays a big role in the air pollution of which we are regularly victims.

The creation of local jobs:

According to Ademe-Guyane, renewable energies are one of the main sources of job creation on the territory. Indeed, within 2 years, 500 jobs could be created in each territory. Another positive externality to the production of our own energy since it would directly benefit the local economy and its inhabitants.

What is the mission of ezdrive in the energy transition of the West Indies?

The ambition of ezdrive is to give you power back by allowing you to be actors of change and energy transition.
Ezdrive allows you to be part of a larger network of committed actors who work for the healthy and sustainable development of our territories.

How to participate in the energy transition in Saint Lucia?

You may already be making efforts at your own level, but you are wondering how to really make a difference. The solution lies in collective action. And ezdrive works precisely as an aggregator of different actors who share this same objective.
Thus, by joining the ezdrive network, you become a major actor of the energy transition and participate concretely in sustainable development and clean mobility.



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